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How to Pack a Suit the Right Way


We've all been there. You have a business meeting out of town or going to a wedding, but you don't know how to pack your suit. Of course, you've mastered everything else, but packing a suit remains a mystery for many men. 

The biggest fear about packing a suit is creasing; that's the last thing you want to happen. And for most of us, when a suit becomes wrinkled, we don't have the time to get it ironed or steamed. So, that means one thing: you'll need to make sure you pack your suit properly. 

There are thousands of videos showing how to pack a suit, but none of them are as easy as this. The Ozuko Suit and Travel Bag makes packing a suit as easy as can be. It's multi-layered storage space, and outer shoe bag allows you to keep your suit and clothes far away from any dirt and debris. 

How to Pack a Suit 

You have your Ozuko Suit and Travel bag ready to go - how do you pack your suit?

Though you don't need a protective plastic cover, you can use one to make sure your suit stays protected. Your dry cleaners will have a protective plastic cover for you to use. 

Step 1. Hang your suit on a hanger.

Step 2 (optional). Place your suit in the protective plastic cover.

Step 3. Place the suit and hanger into the suit storage area.

Step 4. Slip the hanger through its holder at the top of the storage compartment, securing the suit.

Step 5. Connect the buckles around the suit to keep it in place. 

Step 6. Zip up the storage compartment. 

That's it! Once you complete these steps, you're able to fill your bag with the rest of your essentials such as pants, shirts, underwear, toiletries, and shoes. Traveling with your suit was never this easy. Get your Ozuko Suit and Travel Bag today!

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