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How to Choose The Best Travel Backpack For Men

We believe that backpackers are mostly youngsters who are partying while travelling from one place to another on a small budget which will not even be sufficient to buy a cup of Starbucks back at home. This is not even the case!

Backpacking is beyond any limit. You should know that switching your suitcase with a backpack is an up-gradation. Other luggage has its own importance. If you are an independent traveler, then travelling with a backpack on the road is the best option. You will have to be fast, mobile, and comfortable. Once you ditch the big bulky suitcase and switch to a sleek backpack, you will find out the difference.

If you are unsure where you will find men's travel backpack, then you need to read the If you are not sure where you will find the men's travel backpacks, then you need to read below the guide to choose the best travel backpack for you.

How to find the best men's travel backpack: Buyer's guide

Selecting the best men's backpack is not an easy task. A lot depends on your choice; it's not just about style and size. More important than that is function and comfort. Backpack almost becomes your part. It may sound farfetched, but trust us, it's not at all far from the truth.

Backpack with proper fitting will become your trusted travel companion. Without it, there will be a risk of spending your travel is focused on your back or shoulder pain instead of enjoying your favorite destination.

Besides, you can choose a travel backpack which will suit your style, here are three main factors which you need to consider:


While size, features, and style matter, your first concern should be, how well the travel backpack fits. If the bag is in the right size, sleek and has every feature which you want, it will be useless if it's not comfortable. Here are the specifications which you need to look out for:

  • Hip belt: If properly adjusted, hip belt suspension should come right on your hips. It is very crucial as backpacks are designed to carry heavy load towards the center of gravity from shoulders. If the belt is too low or high, the load won't be appropriately divided. If you secure it, there will be a 3-6 inch gap in between padded sides of the belt.
  • Torso length: The most crucial part to search for a proper backpack that fits you well, you need to ensure that it matches your torso length as the ideal length for a backpack. To search for your torso length, calculate the distance between the top of your hip to C7 vertebra.
  • Shoulder straps: When you wear your backpack, shoulder straps should reach 2-3 inches past your armpit to ensure comfort. Shoulder padding needs to take the shape of your shoulders.
  • Load-lifter straps: Small straps help in the adjustment of shoulder load to hips. Load lifter- straps need to form 45º angle in between the backpack and shoulder strap. If the angle is not right, you will have to try a different size.
  • Back panel: Two main factors which need to be considered while trying on the back panel of the laptop backpack is comfort and gallons of sweat in which you can soak your backpack. You should stay away from cheap models which will add lots of padding without ensuring proper airflow system. Air mesh foam will keep your back dry.


When we discuss volume, real consideration is the size of the bag. The volume of a backpack is measured in liters (L) and can weigh anywhere between 15L and 85L.

One thing which has got clear to me after years of backpacking experience is that bigger is not always better. A 50 L backpack size is sufficient for a basic 2- week backpacking trip. Also, your laptop backpack for travel needs to be enough to fit your laptop and essential stuff.

Few may not agree, but less packing is undoubtedly a great way to travel simpler and hassle-free. It lets you enjoy more! Hopefully, this article helps you in finding the best travel bags for men. You just need to follow the tips, and you will easily find it.

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