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17 Worst Places in the World for Pickpocketing

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Where there are tourists, there are pickpockets. As more people are traveling, pickpockets are coming up with creative ways to scam visitors. Take a look at the top 17 worst places in the world for pickpocketing.

Athens, Greece

While you're enjoying Slovakia and Tzaiki, keep an eye on your belongings. Athens, though historical, leaves tourists targets for the talented pickpockets who live there. Get yourself an anti-theft backpack to keep your valuables safe. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is well-known for being artistic and colorful, but the tourists are big targets for theft. Keep extra copies of your passport and visa at the hotel for extra safety.

Barcelona, Spain

This list wouldn't be complete without Barcelona. It's easily one of the most well-known cities for pickpockets. Large, noisy crowds mask quick pickpockets.

Detroit, Michigan

You don't hear much about American cities being hubs for pickpockets, but Detriot has made our list. Detriot is well-known for its pickpockets around tourist areas and events. Keep an eye on your things when walking around.

Hanoi, Vietnam

With noisy and packed streets, Hanoi makes it easy for pickpockets to quickly swipe wallets, loose cash, and passports from pockets. Since most people are riding motorcycles, once a pickpocket has your things, you'll never see them again.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Though Amsterdam is a tourist-friendly city, some of the best pickpockets operate there. The laidback atmosphere makes it easy for thieves to target tourists.

Paris, France

The city of love, Paris, is full of romantic couples, wandering winding streets, breathing in the atmosphere. While that's happening, thieves are busy taking their belongings. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Everyone who's traveled to Buenos Aires falls in love with the city. It's hard not to as it's one of the wealthiest cities in South America. But, with wealth comes thieves.

Cairo, Egypt

A city with over 16 million people, it's hard not to believe pickpocketing happens. Pickpockets mainly target tourist landmarks, so keep an eye on your things while you admire the pyramids.

Rome, Italy

One of the most popular cities in Italy for tourists, it's developed quite a reputation for thieves. While tourists have their eyes on famous landmarks, thieves have their eyes on purses and backpacks.

Memphis, Tennessee

If you like country music, Tennessee is the place to be. That being said, it's lively nightlife leave tourists open for pickpockets. Hold on to your things tightly.

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague is well-known for leaving tourists cash-less. Large crowds and naive tourists are a perfect combination for thieves.

Beijing, China

One of the most beautiful cities in China, but also very dangerous for tourists. Keep a close eye on your belongings while on famous tourists destinations.

Florence, Italy

Famous as being one of the most historically artistic cities in the world, it's also famous for its pickpockets. While you're enjoying a slice of pizza or admiring art, keep an eye on your things.

Moscow, Russia

When in Russia, keep an eye on your things. Not as intense as some European cities on this list, pickpockets target main tourist destinations. The only difference is these pickpockets are usually children. 

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the second most famous city for pickpockets in Spain, aside from Barcelona. One of the pickpocket capitals of the world, metros, and markets are prime locations for thieves.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mainly targeting beaches and tourist attractions, Rio de Janeiro leaves tourists easy prey for pickpockets. Though there is a police presence in the city, these pickpockets are professional.


Does this mean you shouldn't travel there? Absolutely not. But, take extra precaution and protect yourself with an anti-theft backpack.

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